Koa \\ Pearled Neckline Layered Dress

Length83 cmBust45-47 cmWaist36-39 cmSleeve Width22 cmZipat BackFully LinedComplimentary Belt..

Pearled Neckline Layered Dress
MYR 79.00

Nirva \\ Long Vintage Palette Striped Dress

Length122 cmBust48 cmWaist38-41 cmShoulder Width36-38 cmSleeve Width25 cmSleeve Length44 cmComplimen..

Long Vintage Palette Striped Dress
MYR 95.00

Riya \\ Peacock Collar Organza Embroidered Skater

Length90 cmBust50 cmWaist39 cmSleeve Width22 cmFully LinedComplimentary BeltDouble Layering..

Peacock Collar Organza Embroidered Skater
MYR 96.00

Shauna \\ Lacey Elegance

Length119 cmBust44-50 cmWaist40 cmSleeve Width20 cmComplimentary BeltZipat SideFully Lined..

Lacey Elegance
MYR 109.00

Sia \\ Vintage Feminine Blue Dress

Length86 cmBust46 cmWaist37-38.5 cmSleeve Width23 cmHip45 cmZipat BackFully Lined..

Vintage Feminine Blue Dress
MYR 89.00

Trisy \\ Shimmering Tank

Length45 cmBust40-52 cmWaist38-52 cmSleeve Width22 cmFully Lined..

Shimmering Tank
MYR 65.00

Val \\ Coccon Jeweled Top

Length 50/Front60/Back cmBust59 cmWaist56 cmSleeve Width23 cmSleeve Length30 cm..

Coccon Jeweled Top
MYR 75.00

Xanthe \\ Classic Hepburn Textured Skater

Length102 cmBust44.5 cmWaist40 cmSleeve Width22 cmSleeve Length24 cmZipat SideFully LinedComplimenta..

Classic Hepburn Textured Skater
MYR 96.00

Zyana \\ Romantic Shoulder Wrap Sheath

Length90 cmLining72 cmBust40-43 cmWaist33-36 cmSleeve Width18 cmHip40-45 cmZipat Back..

Romantic Shoulder Wrap Sheath
MYR 89.00
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